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Meet The Team

Helen Najar

Owner & Founder

 Helen has a Diploma in Counselling, Communications & Clinical Hypnosis and has always been drawn to helping others. A vegan herself, Helen says "The Vegan Weasel is more than just a company, it is a cause. It represents my family, and it stands for change. Changing the way we eat, being kind to our bodies, and to all our fellow beings. I love The Vegan Weasel, it is my passion.”

Hiba Najar


Communications & Marketing

Hiba has a Bachelor’s in Counselling & Coaching, and Certificates in: Mindfulness for well-being & peak performance, Good brain, Bad Brain basics, & Anatomy. Hiba says “I have had the chance to personally connect with so many of our amazing customers. To have so much support, and to see so many people standing for change and for animal rights is the type of happiness no money can buy.” 

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